Christmas Gift Idea #4: Anya Hindmarch Diary Cum Notebook
20 December 2011

Christmas Gift Idea #4: Anya Hindmarch Diary Cum Notebook

Kick start someone’s New Year (or your own) by gifting this Anya Hindmarch 2-Way 2012 Diary for Christmas.

I guess some of you might be thinking that with smartphones these days, no one really uses diaries anymore. Call me old-fashioned if you will, but I hardly never ever use my calendar or notes feature in my iPhone because I prefer writing it down the non-digital way, finding it much easier to flip from week to week without having to scroll up and down the phone and all that jazz; not to mention my phobia for “just-in-case” moments if the phone ever dies or if something doesn’t get saved properly. 

So anyway, the diary comes in 2 sizes – Large ( H21 x W 14.2 x D 1cm) shown above, and Small (H 14.7, W 10 x D 1cm) shown below as well as in 2 colours (Black and Grey). This leather-bound Anya Hindmarch diary is unique and hence, “2-way” because on 1 side you have the diary, and all you have to do is flip it over to the other side and you have a notebook. The diary is closed by the mechanical pencil (yep it comes with!) that is inserted into the 2 side loops. And can I just say that I am completely in love with the pencil! 

Anya herself is peppered throughout the diary (so to speak), for she has included her favourite quotes within the diary.

“I have spent years designing these diaries in my head. Every detail has been carefully considered from the font, rotating pencil with eraser (very important) to the two-way design so you also have a notebook (essential to me) and my favourite quotes to inspire when you need a lift” – Anya Hindmarch

The small and large diary each retails for RM1,130 and RM 1,480 respectively. Available at all Anya Hindmarch boutiques.

Images courtesy of Anya Hindmarch