Cartier Launches Luxury Stationery and Home Decor
2 December 2020

Cartier Launches Luxury Stationery and Home Decor

Cartier has launched fine stationery, home decor, accessories, games, and a selection of 925 sterling silver cutlery and toys for babies, just in time for the Holiday season – all of which tie back to the Maison’s emblematic House codes such as the panther, bellboy, Double C, and the signature screw details found on the iconic Santos de Cartier.

Cartier Diabolo Collection Trinket Trays Bellboy Keyfob

If you’re wondering where this idea came from, well, it certainly didn’t appear out of thin air. In fact, since 1880, Cartier was intrigued by the concept of everyday objects, including their earliest fragrance bottles and powder compacts, to stationery and inkwells, which were actually given their very own dedicated exhibition at Cartier New York. By the time the 1930s came around Louis Cartier founded the S for Silver department with the intention of creating luxury gifts and objects like lighters, belts, and pocket watches.

Cartier panther pencil holder, trinket tray and interlaces notebook

Fast forward to 2020, and the Maison has launch such darling everyday accessories. I mean, what an interesting diversification of products this is, and we at Bag Addicts Anonymous, who also happen to be stationery addicts and hoarders of all things pretty, couldn’t be happier!

The writing collection, you’d find envelopes, leather-bound notebooks and sketchbooks, ink pads, stationery, and invitation cards adorned with the Cartier bellboy, as well as the double C in a red ribbon motif; a pencil and fountain pen with iconic screw details you’d find on the Santos de Cartier watches, as well as a panther pencil and pen holder. Oh, and if you’re thinking the panther flanked by the cypress trees are quite random, well, not quite, because this motif was inspired by a nécessaire gifted by Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint in 1917.

Cartier panther stamp and pencil holder

Cartier Bellboy Keyring and Namecard Holder

From the everyday accessories collection, and our personal favourites from the collection, really, are lacquered  jewellery boxes and watch boxes, key fobs which can also be used as bag charms, trinket trays, and a vase made from Limoges porcelain, whose history dates back to the 1800s!). Don’t want to use these as trinket trays? No problem! You can also use them for so many other things. Personally, we would also use them on our desks, not only to beautify them, but also to stash our stationery such as washi tape (because sellotape is just tooooo mainstream right?), paper clips, charging cables, and everything else you can think of, really!

Cartier Panther Trinket Tray Note Cards

Cartier entrelaces lacquered jewellery box and panther vase

The baby collection consists of items that are in 925 sterling silver, including an egg cup, rattle, tumbler, silver photo frame, engraved either with a butterfly, rabbit, panda, or fox with stylised eyes featuring the Maison’s emblematic double C logo.

Cartier Baby Accessories Sterling Silver Rattle, Spoon, Egg Cup

Yes, the year might have been apocalyptic, to say the least, but the launch of this collection certainly brings us that bit of joy, and something to look forward to in such unprecedented times, don’t you think? Let’s make this Christmas the most wonderful time of the year once again, and look forward to gifting these items to your loved ones, or even pampering yourselves with (because self-love always comes first ;))


Images courtesy of Cartier