Video: The Hermès Petit H Project
21 April 2012

Video: The Hermès Petit H Project

The Hermès Petit H Creative Lab Project is premised on upcycling (no, not recycling); the process which turns existing items into a one-of-a-kind object. The purpose of the Petit H Project is to minimise waste – artisans utilise defective and leftover materials that are turned into accessories and ornaments for the home.

The Hermes Petit H video below features iconic pieces, for instance the Kelly, being turned into a wall clock. These Petit H items are then sold as what is more commonly known as “roadshow events, meaning that it’s a traveling exhibit, and whatever leftover items then travel to the next city.

The upcoming event will be held at the Hermès boutique Berlin that begins next week on April 24th to May 12. 

For more info, head on over to Hermès