Valextra's Reversible Nylon & Down Bag Cover
10 January 2019

Valextra’s Reversible Nylon & Down Bag Cover

First, it was decorative bag straps. Now, bag covers are the latest designer bag accessory. Sure, each Hermès Birkin and Kelly already came with their own raincoat, and there were certainly rainproof bag covers you could find in countries like Japan and Thailand, but apart from these, brands never really bothered to make bag covers … until now, that is.

I mean, whether you scrimped and saved in order to purchase the luxury bag of your dreams, or you’re carrying around a limited edition, or if you’re someone who just generally loves your bags, it’s natural that you don’t want them to get drenched and soiled because of the rain and/or snow. Personally, I’m one has a recycle bag or plastic bag in my handbag at all times, just in case it rains.  Perhaps it really was Chanel’s darling little handbag raincoat that was designed to look like a Chanel jacket that kickstarted this trend. But, whether it is, or isn’t,  if you’re anything like me, you’d probably be delighted at our expanding range of choices we have available when it comes to bag covers these days.

Valextra Reversible Bag Cover Yellow Side Snap Closure

This bag cover by Valextra certainly is rather unique. Available in 3 colours – red, blue, or yellow – this down-feather filled bag cover is reversible, with your colour of choice on one side, and black on the other. Measuring 32 x 23 cm (small size), it fastens with a side snap button closure, and even has one back zip pocket! What’s even better is that it’s foldable and packable, which makes it a great travel companion!

Valextra Bag Cover Folded

Oh, and did I mention they’re on sale at Luisa via Roma now?