The New Le Monde d'Hermès App
22 April 2014

The New Le Monde d’Hermès App

The Hermès publication, which usually fuses the worlds of fashion, art, and architecture by collaborating with artists, writers and photographers for the past 30 years, the bi-annual magazine Le Monde d’Hermès has just launched an app to celebrate Metamorphosis, a Hermès Story, which is the theme for 2014. I love the hardcopy editions (and have been keeping and archiving them for awhile now because they are just so inspirational), but the digital editions come with various surprises. The debut digital issue, just like the published copy, allows you to use your imagination to create your own origami inspirations that you can share via your social networks. What’s more, the app is also complete with a tracking device, so wherever you are in the world, just launch the app, and it will lead you to your nearest Hermès boutique.

Now here’s a teaser video of how it works:

Download it onto your iPhones and iPads here and click here for Android version.

Image courtesy of Hermès