Prada's Holiday 2012 Gifts For Men and Women
17 December 2012

Prada’s Holiday 2012 Gifts For Men and Women

If there’s one thing I always look forward to during Christmas, it’s Prada’s Christmas collection because I ALWAYS find the gifts incredibly charming and never fail to get something from this annual collection.

First up, if you’re looking for gifts for your man, then here are some wallets, cufflinks for work, tech cases for his precious gadgets, and even chess and backgammon sets!

And these are gifts for us girls! Or if you’re a guy and you’re reading this, then here’s what you could get for your significant other:

And here’s my favourite out of the entire collection! The roses! Love the Black leather clutch with the red leather rose appliqué detail!!

The rose iPad case retails for RM2,200 (sadly they’re sold out in KL) and the clutch retails for RM3,300. Hurry because there’s ONLY ONE left at Prada’s Pavilion store!!

Images via Prada