Louis Vuitton's Phone Ring Trunk
14 June 2018

Louis Vuitton’s Phone Ring Trunk

Phone rings have been in the market for some years now, and some have even dubbed this accessory the “iRing”, even though it’s not affliated with, nor produced by, Apple. Though I’ve personally never used one because I prefer the back of my phone casing to be flat, it cannot be denied that it’s an insanely popular accessory when it comes to tech accessories. So, it was only a matter of time before a luxe version of this became available.

Louis Vuitton did just that when they introduced the nanogram phone ring holder late last year in gold- and silver- finished brass. Now, the Maison has introduced a larger, more elongated version of the squarish original in gold-finished brass. Called the Phone Ring Trunk because of its trunk-like edges, this accessory is made to fit on the back of almost any mobile device or phone cover. Unlike its predecessor, however, this is only available in gold for MYR 2,100.

I know I’ve said earlier that I like the back of my phone casing to be flat. But, I have to admit, that since I got the iPhone X, I’ve been contemplating whether to get a phone ring simply because I’m super paranoid given the fact that it’s made completely of glass. I’ve always had a weakness for the more decorative phone cases and those of you who know me would know that Kate Spade is usually my go-t0 for stuff like this, but because of the iPhone X, I actually got one of those utilitarian army-grade shock-proof phone covers, just in case I happen to drop my phone. I’m still undecided regarding this phone ring matter, but both the nanogram phone ring holder and phone ring trunk are not my kinda thing because they’re just too flashy, despite my penchant for trunks – yes, I’m talking about the Petite Malle. Where Vuitton tech cases are concerned, I’d choose the Eye Trunk phone cover over any of these, hands down.  

Would this phone ring trunk be something that you’d go for?


Image via Louis Vuitton