Hermès Launches Silk Knots App!
25 September 2013

Hermès Launches Silk Knots App!

Hermès has just launched their latest app, Silk Knots for iPhone and iPad!

I’m sure from the title of the app, you can probably guess that the app is all about the endless number of ways to tie your Hermès silk scarves! And, guess what? With this app, you no longer have to buy their “knotting cards” because they’re all featured in the app! Whether you want to use your scarf as an accessory that you adorn (or maybe even your bag!) this fashionable app would have you looking as if you came straight out of an Hermès lookbook!

For the moment, app comes with 20 knotting cards, but will be updated every season with more ways to tie your scarves! And if you’re anything like I am (i.e. scarf challenged), there’s even a foolproof step-by-step video tutorial section (entitled “Knotting Films”) to make sure you don’t mess up!

Download the app here