Hermès Apple Air Tag Tracking Device
21 May 2021

Hermès Apple Air Tag Tracking Device

If you’re an avid Apple fan, you’d know that at its latest spring event, they announced another interesting partnership with Hermès, and it’s none other than the new AirTag, which helps you keep track of your iPhone once you’ve synced it to the device. Once you’ve done so, all you have to do is to attach it to your bag, or belt, or well, virtually anything really, so you’d never have to be searching for your phone, especially when it’s on silent or DND mode. Haha I, for one, have  lost cout over the number of times this has happened so this attachment will definitely handy.

This little device comes with a battery that is made to last for a year without charging, even if you use it daily! How cool is that? Kinda like the Magic Mouse, which only has to be charged several times year, except this comes with even longer battery life. If you’re wondering about the security aspect, fear not, because it comes with end-to-end encryption so that only you have access. The Hermès edition AirTags come in 3 different variations: as a Bag Charm, Key Ring (available in Bleu Indigo, Fauve and Orange)while the Luggage Tag is available only in Fauve. 

Unfortunately, however, Hermès edition Apple gear ain’t available on Apple Malaysia’s webstore, so you gotta head on over to the Singapore Apple Store to purchase these babies at SGD 349, 299 and 449 for the key ring, bag charm, and luggage tag, respectively. Oh, and it’s only limited to 2 per customer, so pick wisely!


Images via Apple