Fendi's "My Baguette" App
16 June 2014

Fendi’s “My Baguette” App

Fendi’s icon, the Baguette, has gone through “1,000 versions since its creation”, says Silvia Venturini Fendi, not forgetting the customisable DIY versions (see here and here). If you’ve missed the opportunity to purchase those DIY kits, you can now do this virtually with Fendi’s new tablet-dedicated App,  “My Baguette”, that’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

You’re provided with a white Baguette that you can decorate and design with a variety of in-app tools such as a selection of brushes, colours, and filters and even a kaleidoscopic design. The app also allows you to access your camera roll or photo albums so you could even have your very own photo on your bag!

Choose colours from the palette available or mix your own with the in-app colour mixer


Selection of Brush tools

Once you’re done with your creation, you can also Share it with Fendi, which will select the most interesting submissions, and posting them on a dedicated space on the Fendi Baguette Community and Fendi’s social networks. And get this, Silvia Venturini Fendi will personally select the Baguette of the Month based on your submissions!

The Fendi Gallery Where you can share and view the Baguette Sumbissions

Here’s how the myBAGUETTE app works:

There’s also an art gallery where in the App where you can view the Baguette interpretations by top international artists such as Tom Sachs (remember the designer Happy Meals and Hello Kitty Fountain? Yep, that was his work!) and Richard Prince, whose work and jokes were featured on Vuitton bags some years back.


Fashion peeps, too, have created their own Baguette:

Anna Dello Russo’s creation (Back view)
Anna Dello Russo – Front View


Silvia Venturini Fendi’s “Have Fun” Baguette (Back)


Silvia Venturini Fendi’s Baguette – Front View

All images courtesy of Fendi