Anya Hindmarch Introduces Phone Accessories
8 June 2018

Anya Hindmarch Introduces Phone Accessories

Anya Hindmarch has recently launched a phone accessories collection! Referred to as the Pimp Your Phone service, you can now “dress” your phone up and customise it to your heart’s desire! And what better way to celebrate Friday and the start of the weekend with news of this fun personalisation service?

The first step in this customisation process: choose your leather iPhone cover. Once you’ve done so, you can start the accessorising process by picking out crossbody straps or wrist straps to go with your cover, which gives you quick access to your phone. I love this concept because I mean, how many times have you heard your phone ringing from within your bag only to start rummaging for your phone but before you even get to it, the ringing has stopped? Well, I don’t know about you, because this has certainly happened to me way too often.

If you’re a practical person, you’d probably stop right here, after choosing your strap and phone cover. However, if you’re one who likes a touch of something more whimsical, you can start adding charms! The phone covers are equipped with four D rings, so you can attach up to 4 charms at any one time. Choose from the latest three-dimensional spongy “Chubby” Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which come in nappa, shearling, or naplak, or alphabet charms if you want your initials to dangle from your phone.

But, if you prefer something flatter and less bulky, flat leather charms are also available. I love how Anya Hindmarch has styled the phone covers by putting on stickers that turn the iPhone casing into cutesy little critters with faces, and even one which looks like it’s wearing earrings, and the other,  with a tuft of “hair” and “hands” charms.

Not a fan of these friendly monster faces? Then sticker patches ranging from those with a “pick me up” kinda theme like the one you see below (“Best Day Ever!”), or even Anya’s version of emoji stickers and cartoon ones like the Smurfs, could be something you may prefer. Or, if you want something more functional, leather envelope-shaped pockets and card holders can also be stuck onto the back of your phone cover. The best thing about this is that they aren’t just for show, because you can actually store your loyalty cards, business cards, credit cards, or even your parking ticket, or some dollar bills right here, which makes it super practical, especially if you need to head out for a quick errand run.

I’m a sucker for anything personalised, and something along the whimsical yet cutesy end of the spectrum, so I’m kinda bummed that the phone cases are only available for iPhones 7, 7Plus, 8, and 8 Plus. Hopefully they’ll add iPhone X cases soon *hint hint Anya Hindmarch*, then I can start my own accessorising game for my phone too!


Images courtesy of Anya Hindmarch