Rebecca Minkoff Little Louis Pouch
23 May 2012

Rebecca Minkoff Little Louis Pouch

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been on the lookout for small pouches to carry my phone accessories in – additional external rechargeable battery pack, earphones, cables, and what-have-yous. And since I’ll be carrying it around in my bag – those of you who know me personally would know that my handbag is  filled with various pouches for specific things – I wanted it to be small, and brightly-coloured.

While some of you might prefer a darker colour scheme for your small accessories within your bag, and trust me, I’ve had some black pouches in my bag before, but over time, have come to realise that they don’t really work too well because most bags are lined with black material, be they fabric or leather. What I found was that I’ve often given myself multiple mini heart attacks when I try looking for one of my (black) pouches and find that they have mastered the art of camouflaging themselves against the black interior of my bag. God knows, I’ve already shortened much of my lifespan giving myself these mini panic attacks!

Since then, I’ve sworn to only buy brightly coloured (or patterned) pouches for my bag because it’s so much easier when looking for something! And this Little Louis Pouch by Rebecca Minkoff was the answer to my phone accessory pouch dilemma. While all the other pouches I’ve looked at were too large – I needed something that was the size of a Key pouch, but without the keyring inside – this was perfect. And the colours? Gorge!

Available via Shopbop at an affordable USD $35 for pebbled leather!