Prada's Shoulder Straps
19 July 2016

Prada’s Shoulder Straps

Prada’s Shoulder straps (as seen in the FW16 campaign)have landed! Sold separately, they all have one thing in common: floral patterns with a three-dimensional effect made from crystals, plexiglas, resin, or leather in either Calfskin (shown above), Saffiano or Nastro leather.

Nastro Leather
Saffiano Leather


Okay so I know that most of you are thinking that Fendi is the originator of this idea was derived from the Strap You. Well while that may be so, I believe that many more brands will soon follow suit, because it’s a rather nice touch to liven up our bags, not to mention, an especially great way in which we could give our Classics a nice modern twist. Perhaps this is why these Prada shoulder straps are designed with the Double, Galleria (also popularly known as the Saffiano Lux), Canapa, and Giardiniera bags in mind.

Images courtesy of Prada