My Favourite Bags From Loewe's Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection
27 August 2012

My Favourite Bags From Loewe’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection

Loewe is one of those under-the-radar brands, especially here in KL, and I really cannot even begin to understand why this is so because not only are they practical but the leathers are so buttery and supple, and they’re quickly becoming more and more fashion forward with each season!

Since I think that more attention should be given to Loewe (pronounced Lo-way-vay and not Lo-wee) I’ve hand-picked my favourites from the FW 12-13 collection. Hope you like them as much as I do! 😉
Although Loewe’s Amazona is of course the brand’s iconic bag, but due to the sheer popularity of the Nappa Flamenco, they, too, have joined the ranks of the Amazona, and have been adopted into the House’s Classic family. While the Amazona is more serious, the Nappa Flamenco, with its pom-pom-esque tassels is more youthful, fun and flirty. Available in either solid hues or bi-coloured versions, my fave is certainly the last one on the right in the orange and pink combo! Which is yours?

Loewe Nappa Flamenco Fall/Winter 2012-13
Loewe Nappa Flamenco

My next pick is probably something that some of you would either just love or hate because I know that some of you are grossed out at the idea of snakeskin on anything, and some would even be freaked out, but I actually love snakeskin. Plus, the “ick factor” doesn’t really apply to these zip around wallets because snakes just don’t come in these bright hues, so perhaps that’ll take your mind off the fact that they’re actually snakeskin..? Thoughts?

Loewe's Snakeskin Zip Around Wallet Fall/Winter 2012-13
Loewe’s Snakeskin Zip Around Wallet

These Double Tassel Keyrings are actually one of my all-time favourite key fobs there are out there that all the other brands have. I know that many other brands do tasseled key rings but the prize goes to Loewe for the pom-pom tassels and colour combinations that actually have got me thinking about ice cream sorbets everytime I look at them! But here’s where you’d be disappointed (and yes, I’m just as bummed) because these aren’t available in KL. Sobs.

Loewe Double Tassel Keyrings Fall/Winter 2012-13 SLGs
Double Tassel Keyrings

The Magenta Calf “Aide” is a practical day bag that’s great for the office! Fret not, this is available in KL, though I’m not quite certain whether the store has this particular combination.

Loewe Magenta Calf "Aide" Fall/Winter 2012-13
Magenta Calf “Aide”

Okay, apparently there’s some conspiracy or bias against anything with tassels when it comes to Loewe. So I thought that okay, since the tasseled keyring wouldn’t be available, then perhaps this bag would be the next option because then we not only get a bag, but the tassels that come with the bag. Next alternative when it comes to tassels, right? Wrong! Us folks in KL, too, are being deprived of this “Nappa Lia with Tassels”. 🙁 Whyyy?

Loewe Bright Magenta Nappa Lia with Tassels Fall.Winter 2012-13
Bright Magenta nappa Lia with Tassels 

Inspired from Loewe’s archive pieces, these Soft Calf “Heritage” Small totes, are cute, mostly because of the colour. And that’s the sole reason why they made it into my “favourites” list. While the bag’s shape is very practical, I have to say that I’m not really a fan of the logo that’s embossed in big bold leathers onto the front of the tote simply because I don’t feel that it’s necessary to spell out to the entire world the brand of your bag you have on your arm. Those who are in the know, will know what bag you’re carrying anyway, and those who don’t, then well, that’s not a problem anyway. After all, you should buy a bag because you like it, not because you can parade the brand to the entire world whether in the form of logos or monograms. Well, some of you might disagree with me but that’s my philosophy anyway.

Loewe Soft Calf "Heritage" Small Tote Fall/Winter 2012-13
Soft Calf “Heritage” Small Tote

Last but certainly not the least because I have kept the best for the last! While it’s called the “Heritage Pouch”, the leather strap allows it to be doubled as a wristlet, and God knows, it’s really difficult to find a brand that actually makes wristlets (well, apart from Coach of course, and the occasional Prada). I really don’t understand why brands don’t have it produced regularly because it’s really convenient when you don’t feel like bringing your handbag along especially when you have an errand to run, or if you need to hop to the supermarket to get something, or even when you head out to lunch on workdays! Wristlets should be staples and not few and far between. I’m officially lobbying for more wristlets to be produced by other brands! Who’s with me on this?

Loewe Heritage Pouch Fall/Winter 201213
Heritage Pouch

In sum, I’m really loving the candy popping colours for their Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection! Who says the Fall/Winter season has to be all earthy, dreary and boring? Loewe has outdone themselves, and if they continue in this more youthful direction, pretty soon, they’ll be taking the fashion world by its reins! 🙂

Images courtesy of Loewe