Montblanc Reinvents the Sartorial Collection
17 May 2021

Montblanc Reinvents the Sartorial Collection

Montblanc has reinvented their signature Sartorial Collection. Say hello to the all new Montblanc “M”, which we saw in their new Monogrammed collection , and incorporated it onto their classic leather bags. The result? A distinctive M-shaped front pocket on all the leather pieces, including the ultra slim document cases, backpacks, vertical and horizontal totes, messenger bag, portfolio, notepad holder, notebook holder, clutch, small pouch, as well as SLGs such as the wallets, pen sleeves, business card holders, passport holders, and key fobs.

What’s more, the Maison has also made these pieces more versatile, allowing you to wear them in various ways, and not just the bags! SLGs like the Sartorial Long Wallet also comes with a removable card holder, making the Sartorial Collection not just chic, but also multifunctional and practical as well!

Montblanc Sartorial Backpack

The unisex Sartorial Collection is available in black, deep blue, or graphite leather.


Images courtesy of Montblanc