Miu Miu's Miu-Doo Bag Charms
14 December 2017

Miu Miu’s Miu-Doo Bag Charms

Every year, Miu Miu comes up with special items specifically for Christmas and the Holiday season. Since bag charms that come in the form of characters or pom-poms have been quite popular of late – and is a trend that has only been gaining momentum since it began – Miu Miu has introduced an assortment of key fobs cum bag charms, called Miu-Doo. Hmm… but what is “Miu-Doo” supposed to mean? Well, that’s because these characters were inspired by the mythic stories of voodoo dolls. Oh, but fret not, these furry babies are far from anything evil. Instead, they’re super wearable. Yup, you read that right, and they’re wearable! Just like how the jewel straps on the matelasse bags can be detached and worn as a necklace,  each of the doll’s “necklaces” right here can be detached and worn on your wrists as bracelets! How cool is that right? And since Christmas is around the corner. they make the perfect stocking stuffer too!

Image courtesy of Miu Miu