Louis Vuitton's Tressage Tote and Eye-Trunk Phone Case
8 May 2017

Louis Vuitton’s Tressage Tote and Eye-Trunk Phone Case

I know many of us have been eyeing Louis Vuitton’s Eye-Trunk iPhone cover since we saw it on coming down the Spring/Summer 17 runway way back in September, during its Fashion Week debut. Although I’m not generally a fan of any monograms, I still love love LOVE it, mainly because it resembles my favourite bag ever, the Petite Malle. The only drawback is the price (heh!) because we never keep our phones for long enough anyway, so what’s gonna happen when we upgrade our phones to a newer model?

The latest Tressage Tote is an amalgamation of the Alma and the Lockit, with its silhouette taking after the latter, and the zip-around closure that goes almost all the way round the bag, comes from the former’s DNA. I guess we can think about this piece as Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s vision of the offspring of both the Alma and Lockit.  Also available in Monogram Reverse, it’s great that the zip-around goes almost to the bottom on each side, because with such a tall and narrow silhouette, it would be a hassle to retrieve your stuff from within the Tressage from a narrow opening on top. I guess the downside is that although it’s certainly easier with the generous zip, you’d still have to dip your arm till almost elbow deep when rummaging inside which makes it a tad tedious. Plus, I personally find that bags that fall vertically with your things inside, tend to feel as if they’re heavier on the arm than if you were to have the same contents in a horizontal-styled bag. Is it just me, or do you also feel the same about horizontal vs vertical bags?

Let me know your thoughts!

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton