Louis Vuitton Tribal Mask Bags For Cruise 2015
22 December 2014

Louis Vuitton Tribal Mask Bags For Cruise 2015

While I’m not usually a fan of anything tribal or exotic, and no, I can assure you that I’m not coming from a racist standpoint here.  I’m generally not a fan of masks in general, be it the Oriental or Japanese variety, or even masquerade masks (which is why I opted for a fascinator instead during the recent Hermès Silk Ball event). Oh whoops, I’m digressing, because I meant to tell you about Louis Vuitton’s Mask Collection from the latest Cruise 15 season…

Launched for the Holiday season, the Mask collection comprises a variety of shoulder bags and small leather goods which includes card cases, luggage tags, and wallets. There will even be a special edition of the Mask bag, called the “Goat Mask” to usher in the Year of The Goat on the Lunar Calendar (more on that soon when I receive updates!)

Although I’m not a fan of tribal masks, or anything monogrammed, I quite like details and of course the pops of colour from Vuitton’s Mask collection. Inspired by founder Gaston Vuitton’s own private collection of tribal masks which were displayed at the Colonial Exhibition of 1931, each item has a unique motif that is representative and reminiscent of a different mask design. Isn’t it ingenious how the clasp itself is taken as a part of the design instead of merely serving a utilitarian purpose? How often do we see a Vuitton bag with the clasp as the central focal point?

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton