Fendi's Bag Bug Invasion!
5 November 2013

Fendi’s Bag Bug Invasion!

First launched as part of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, these little Fendi critters, which have been called “Fendi Monsters” by some, are actually “Bag Bugs”. Due to their popularity, Fendi expands the Bugs family for the Holiday season with a special collection of 7 new “Bugs”.

They have since become Fendi collectors’ items, and for this Holiday season, meet Dragoo, Fur You, Lucky Look, Kooky, Lucifur, Nutty, Snobius and Wild Jess.

In conjunction with these Limited Edition Bugs, Fendi will launch an official “viral invasion video” today in digital art from featuring an animated version of the “Bag Bugs” in action, ranging from “The Funny”, “The Snob”, “The Angry”, “The Savage”, “The Crazy”, and “The Playful”.

Head on over to Fendi.com to watch the video!

Images courtesy of Fendi