Burberry's Special Edition Chinese New Year Bags and SLGs!
28 January 2013

Burberry’s Special Edition Chinese New Year Bags and SLGs!

The malls are all decked up with the spirit of  Chinese New Year, and that includes that annoying “dong dong dong qiang” and “choy san dou” music that’s being played on loop ad infinitum ever since Christmas ended. Yes, I may be Chinese, but seriously, I am irked to the highest degree possible when it comes to this. And it’s not only in the malls, because even in non-Chinese restaurants, they all seem to be playing the same thing. I call it the CNY plague.

That said, we can’t totally steer clear of the malls too because there’s CNY shopping to be done, whether for cookies, decorations, or getting ourselves the customary new outfits to be worn during the Lunar New Year. Since we’re on the topic of shopping, Burberry has made shopping for CNY a whole lot easier with their Special Edition festive items that are all in Red, the auspicious colour for the season.

Be the most fashion forward at any CNY party, luncheon, dinner or open house with this special CNY edition of the “Blaze”, which also happens to be Burberry’s It Bag for the Spring/Summer 2013 season!, and that teeny tiny circular coin purse is something that I’m eyeing!

Large Patent London Portrait Tote Bag, RM 5.695
Metallic London Leather Digital Case, RM 1,950

Burberry calls this a digital case, but I call it the iPad folio, which not only works as a sleeve for your iPad, but as a clutch too! Love the versatility, though I’d personally rather have it in fuchsia compared to Red because crimson really isn’t my colour of choice. In fact, I never wear red during CNY at all, only pink! *gasp*! 

Lizard skin studded bow continental wallet

My absolute favourites from the CNY collection would have to be these keyfobs. You’d know by now that I have a weak spot for tassels and studs. And since they come together, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Leather Tassel Charm, RM 1,695


Grainy leather Padlock Key Charm, RM 975

Oh hey, Christopher Bailey must be a mind reader because bows are yet another fave detail! Combined with the key and padlock, they make a super-cute team! As for whether the padlock can be opened, I, too, found myself wondering about this. I’ll update you when I find out! ;D

If you don’t celebrate CNY, Red is also the colour of Love, Passion and Desire, so these could double up as great Valentine’s Day gifts too! ;D

Images courtesy of Burberry