Burberry's British-themed Key Fobs
28 October 2014

Burberry’s British-themed Key Fobs

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a fascination with British icons, be they inanimate objects or the uniformed Brits. And yes, by that I mean the pillar-box red telephone booths, mailboxes, the double decker London bus, black taxis, Royal Guards, Beefeaters and Bobbies (uniformed policemen). In fact, I’ve accumulated quite a collection to date, of these various versions of the aforementioned Brit paraphernalia in all shapes and forms: plushies, magnets, bag charms, bracelet charms, key fobs, bookmarks, pencil cases, and well, I think you get the idea … basically everything under the sun.

Now, you can imagine how thrilled I was to get to write this blog post, because these elements of British heritage – from the London bus to Guardsmen and the Big Ben –  are now part of Burberry’s current collection. And oh, in usual Burberry fashion, there’s also the umbrella keyfob/charm as a tribute to the wet, gloomy British weather.


Available in large (Big Ben) and small (Little Ben) sizes


My favourites would have to be the Red guardsman, policeman and the Big Ben, and I’m seriously considering adding these to my current (and ever-growing) collection. If you’re looking for gift ideas, that don’t break the bank (well, not in the way a designer bag would), these make perfect Christmas presents, plus they’re totally unisex.

Images courtesy of Burberry