Bottega Veneta's Cruise Collection In Stores Soon!
26 October 2011

Bottega Veneta’s Cruise Collection In Stores Soon!

I really am hyperventilating over Bottega Veneta’s Cruise 2012 collection! Though I’m not usually a Bottega fan (with the exception of the knot clutches which I LOVE), this collection is so fun, and so ME! And the burst of colours! Need I say more?

The Intrecciato Knot Clutch

The Intrecciato knot clutch, my absolute favourite style from Bottega Veneta. And for Cruise 2012, I love the slightly more bulbous weave in comparison to the usual-typed weave on almost all the knot clutches, giving off the impression that it’s nice and squishy! =)

Nappa Nistri Lido

Up next, these 2 bags from the “Washed Cervo” collection (translation: Washed Deerskin) collection are just out of this world. I am already salivating over the vibrant colour combinations that really just pop and is sure to get you noticed, and by that, I don’t mean in an attention seeking kind of way! The colours make them good enough to eat, taking the term “arm candy” to a totally new level. Can you say lustworthy?

A bag from the Washed Cervo collection

Washed Cervo Hobo

This next collection of bags are made from Buffalo Leather and Nappa. Its distinctive feature is the woven nappa detail at the top. It’s so cute that Tomas Maier decided to keep this woven nappa patch detail and carry it into Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection! 

Buffalo Nappa Wristlets
Buffalo Nappa SLGs
Buffalo Leather Nappa Totes

I’m loving the elongated tote with (surprise, surprise) the pink nappa top. I’m told that they’re expected to arrive at the end of this month! The prices range from RM 6,570 to RM 8,750. True, they’re super seasonal pieces, but look at it this way, variations of these are after all carried into the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, so why not? Plus, at that price, they’re considered very affordable for something from Bottega Veneta, don’t you agree?

With all these bags in mind, off to bed I go, dreaming in technicolour!

Which is your favourite?

Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta