Accessories From The Fendi For Young Bae Capsule Collection
6 July 2017

Accessories From The Fendi For Young Bae Capsule Collection

You’ve seen the Fendi For Young Bae Ad Campaign for the Capsule Collection last week, now here’s a closer look at the items from the collaboration, as promised!

The Fendi for Young Bae Capsule Collection comprises Men’s Ready-to-wear, such a jacket, a hoodie, a tee, and accessories including backpacks, pouches, sneakers and a key charm. Although primarily launched as part of Fendi’s Men’s Studio, several items, such as he backpacks, key charm, and pouches, are slightly more unisex, especially if you prefer that street style vibe.

The key charm, comes with 3 different “tags” that are interchangeable. Each tag comprises rubber motifs with his favourite slogan, “THINK”, and handwritten “Young Bae” on both sides.

Sneakers are not just “on trend” at the moment, but they’re one of the main contributing elements in order to achieve your street cred. Available in either all-black or all-white, “Young Bae” is embossed on rubber at the heel patch.

And now, on to what I deem as the more unisex items in the collection: the Pouches and Backpacks.

Young Bae has chosen black and red as the key colours, as well as the daisy flower for both the pouches and backpacks. For the pouches, the smaller “GRACE” pouch comes in red shearling, and the larger calfskin pouch with “Faith” emblazoned on the front. Both come with fluorescent green and black rubberised zipper pulls, with “Young” and “Bae” in his very own handwriting, on each side, as well as a daisy motif, and “Fendi” on the back.

And just like the pouches, there are also a selection of 2 backpacks in black: the “FAITH” one in calfskin, and another with a large daisy motif, in black shearling; both of which, also come with the rubberised zipper pulls with “Young Bae” in Tae Yang’s handwriting.

Now I know many of you out there have written to me or either DM-ed me on social media, expressing your enthusiasm about the collection, and have a burning desire to know when and where the collection will be available. Wonder no more, because this Limited Edition Capsule collection will be first launched in Hong Kong on July 27th in conjunction with the re-opening of FENDI’s men’s boutique in Landmark, but those of us here in Malaysia would have to wait till September 1st for its launch, at FENDI’s Pavilion KL boutique. Meanwhile, pre-orders can also be made via .

Images courtesy of FENDI