Kate Spade's Holiday 2012 Collection
6 November 2012

Kate Spade’s Holiday 2012 Collection

For Kate Spade’s Holiday 2012 collection, it’s all about tech accessories! I was literally over the moon when I saw the collection because God knows, I’ve been a fan of the brand’s quirky and fun quotes like “Eat Cake For Breakfast” on the accessories, whether they’re bags or for our phones and computers. And really, no one really does quirky and fun like Kate Spade does!

Here are my favourites from the collection:

Chit Chat Blackberry Sleeve RM 140

And for those of you who know me personally, I have an IMMENSE obsession with iPhone cases. In fact, I almost always purchase an iPhone case everytime I look at some. I also can’t bear to have my iPhone wear the same “outfit” for more than a week. Yes, I have an iPhone sleeve OCD. While the “Chit Chat” one for Blackberry is cute (and yes I know I’ve only included one for BB in this post but I’m biased that way! =P ), I shall head to Kate Spade very soon to snag one of these iPhone cases, though I wish there were more silicone cases than resin ones! At his point, you should also probably know that I’m not quite a fan of resin cases because I have butter fingers, and I like to have a little more grip when holding my phone or putting it atop a table.

Hello Resin iPhone case – RM 190


4 birds Resin iPhone case – RM 190
Silicone Kaleidoscope Specs iPhone case – RM 190
Silicone Glitter iPhone case – RM 190

Imagine how glitzy your iPad would look in this glitter sleeve? Possibly the one I favour out of everything here!

RM 470

Kate Spade places a lot of emphasis on bow details, and just for the Christmas season, you can now carry the bow around in your pocket and store your data in it at the same time!

Bow USB Drive – RM 350



Lastly, this one had me quite puzzled when I first took a look at it. I’d initially thought that it was a bottle opener and had taken it as such. Well, my guesses were a toss between a bottle opener and a ring.  It wasn’t until I read the description that I realised what it was actually meant to be. And guess what? It’s actually a ring… or, well, sort of anyway. More precisely, it’s a USB drive, on a ring! Genius idea, but if only the ring came in another colour instead of red.

Ring USB Drive – RM 350

While other brands are doing bags and stuff for gift ideas, I think it’s quite smart for Kate Spade to do tech accessories because they’re more affordable as gifts for Christmas. I mean, really, how many (apart from your significant other, best friends, and/or parents) would actually give you a bag for Christmas?

Have you found your perfect gift for the season?

Images courtesy of Kate Spade