iPad Cases: Marc by Marc Jacobs vs. YSL
19 August 2011

iPad Cases: Marc by Marc Jacobs vs. YSL

I know that the iPad hype and fad has somewhat died down a little, and in saying that I mean at least stores now have stocks readily available and no longer have to put you on a waitlist. So, here I am, still debating whether I should get myself a laptop or an iPad 2. And the reason I want either of the two is for just one purpose: to blog on the go, especially when travelling. True that I can blog from my iPhone, but that remains rather limited because I still wouldn’t be able to attach photos (of the bags of course!) that were sent to me via email, or YouSendIt. But if there’s an app for that, I wouldn’t know, because I can very honestly admit that quite a tech spaz when it comes to these things! So herein lies my dilemma. iPad 2 or laptop?
Naturally, yes, my freakish obsession with bags, led to me scouting out iPad cases even before getting an iPad. And for someone who doesn’t own any black bags — my friends will also tell you that I am always asking them to inject some colour into their bag wardrobe (and clothes as well!) I was rather surprised because both of my favourite iPad case picks from the Fall/Winter 2011-12 collections were BLACK, and both in patent leather! *gasps* Sheer coincidence? Or could this be the beginning of a new love affair with black? Hm.. only time will tell.

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Totally Turnlock” iPad Case. $158 via Barneys

What initially began as a Limited Edition has spilled over into a staple collection for YSL, and this season, the growing YSL “Y Mail” family now includes an iPad Case (Sorry I don’t have a price for this one!).

Which would you pick? I know that one is uber-designer and the other is mid-range designer. Just like my inability to decide between either an iPad2 or a laptop, I, too don’t know which one I like better because both are different in style and I like ’em both! And no, I’m not usually so fickle and indecisive! Lol

Price aside, based on the looks alone, which would YOU pick?