Gucci Launches ID Tags
9 November 2012

Gucci Launches ID Tags

Gucci will be launching their collection of ID tags during the middle of this month! Available in an assortment of colours, each tag bears a gold embossed image, including some Gucci icons thrown into the mix! This would be great for your Gucci shopping totes, or even your luggage, and of course, I’d only advise that you hang them onto your hand-carry items because we all know what will happen if attach it to your checked baggage!

Now, here are my favourites:

The Heart-shaped interlocking G that we sometimes see on the hardware of several of Gucci’s accessories and leather goods

The iconic Bamboo (well, now New Bamboo) – I love the white because it’s much classier than the black. Only problem with it is that it will dirty way too easily, and the embossing is not as visible as it is on the black.

And last but certainly not the least, the turtle in this gorgeous shade of green that’s neither olive nor khaki.

The ID tags come in various colours, while others are only available in a specific colour as shown in the group pic above. Gucci stores in Malaysia will have almost all of the designs available, except for the four-leaf clover in green, the bee in lilac, and the falcon in light blue (but will be available in dark teal – see last row bottom right corner above). Each tag retails at RM450, making it the perfect gift for Christmas! Do enquire within for embossing of initials should you require them. 🙂 The tags are also available via

Images courtesy of Gucci