Gucci Expands Home Décor Collection
24 July 2018

Gucci Expands Home Décor Collection

You’ve seen the artwork of Gucci’s latest Home Décor collection by Alex Merry, and as promised, here’s a closer and more detailed look at the collection!

Though not yet available in Malaysia, I’ve personally had the opportunity to check out Gucci‘s Home Décor collection during my trip to Hong Kong earlier this year. After seeing it up close, I have to say that Creative Director Alessandro Michele certainly translated the animals, reptiles, insects, and mythical creatures from his Gucci Garden onto the newly introduced Home Décor collection as we see cushions, and even the upholstery fabric on chairs and stools embroidered with the tiger, snake, as its focal point. Of course, there were other less threatening animals, like the dog, and such as well. With the introductory phase all fully rolled out in select Gucci flagship stores, its popularity has resulted in an expansion of the Home Décor collection. Oh, and since some of you might already know that skulls and snakes (but not snakeskin) kinda freak me out – no kidding, the more “real” they look, the more squeamish I feel – I’d be featuring the other items from the Décor collection without these creatures.

Gucci Home Decor Scented Candles

First up, these porcelain scented candle holders. For someone who doesn’t have the habit of burning scents candles or having fragrances/essential oils diffused throughout the house, I’m actually really drawn to these, purely because of how pretty they look. They come in various designs: the Herbarium floral print, geometric patterns, “star eye” design (yep the illuminati-esque one), and a version in solid pink with “Gucci” in black gothic script. My favourites however, are definitely those with the bees, butterflies and cockerels in porcelain 3D attached to the pot lids. If you prefer incense instead of candles, there are 3D stag beetles and bees to support incense sticks, which come as sets of one scent, and packaged in a Gucci box. A total of 5 scents are available for the candles and incense: ancient damask rose, birch, beeswax, freesia, leather and salt. Hm, I’d say the “leather” scent has certainly piqued my interest. Imagine having that wafting throughout your entire room. But, knowing me, I’d probably get one of these 3D ones just for ornamental purposes – yep, I’m really that kind of person.

Gucci Home Decor Capitonne Porters Chair

Another of my favourites is the addition of the capitonné porter’s chair in coloured leather or velvet, that come with an attached drawer at the bottom upholstered with Gucci jacquard fabric from previous Ready-to-Wear collections. Modelled after the canopy-covered chairs used in England as well as in 16th-century France, on which servant gatekeepers sit at the entrances of the great houses, this decadent armchair is made by Tuscan artisans. It takes a total of 28 hours to construct the the egg-shaped capitonné backrest, and a total of 64 hours to complete the entire chair. Okay, let’s not get uptight about it being a “servant’s chair” and appreciate it for its cocoon-like qualities, shall we?

Gucci Home Decor Ornamental Folding Screen

Lastly (but certainly not the least), is this ornamental folding screens covered in patterned fabric or lurex jacquard. I’ve seen this in Gucci’s Hong Kong boutiques on display and available for Pre-Order at that time, and let me tell you they are exquisite. Use this for partitioning your living spaces, or, if you want to situate it in its original historical context, you can use this as a screen for which you can get dressed behind!

Gucci Décor is currently available in select boutiques, and on the official website . It will also be available in Malaysia in very limited quantities, soon! Stay tuned for updates!


Images courtesy of Gucci