FENDI's Space Monkey and Banana Charms For SS18
29 March 2018

FENDI’s Space Monkey and Banana Charms For SS18

FENDI has debuted a new collection of charms for Spring/Summer 18! Called the Space Monkey and Banana Charms. Since FENDI has been all about the FF Zucca monogram lately, the little critters come has the very same logo jacquard fabric as its body, metal pearl eyes, and a nappa leather beard for the male, and eyelashes for the female.

Oh and monkeys being monkeys, whether Space Monkeys or otherwise, they still need their bananas, don’t they? Enter the banana charm as the perfect accompaniment. And, monkey or banana, they all come with the new F is FENDI logo-shaped hook – yep, that’s the diagonally inverted “F” encased in a circle.

Space Monkey Charm Female (Pink)
Banana Charm
FENDI-Space-Monkey Charm-SS18-male-brown
Space Monkey Charm Male (Brown)
Space Monkey Charm Female (Green)
Space Monkey Charm Female (Brown)
Space Monkey Charm Male (Blue)
Space Monkey Charm Female (Yellow)
Space Monkey Charm Male (Green)

The Space Monkey and Banana charms are now available at FENDI boutiques globally.


Images courtesy of FENDI