Introducing: FakByFak Eyewear
4 September 2018

Introducing: FakByFak Eyewear

Today, we introduce you to FakByFak. I’ll have to admit, that when I first came across this eyewear label, what intrigued me was its very, uhm, shall we say …. “unique” name. I mean, saying it aloud sounds vulgar in itself, and I can’t imagine the looks you’d get when someone asks where you got your sunnies from *cue awkward silence*, because people might actually think you’re being a potty mouth by cussing at them.

FakByFak Hells Belle Aviators

Awkward moment aside, FakByFak is actually a Russian conceptual sunglasses and optical label, that began to gain a cult following in 2015 at the SILMO world optical fair in Paris. Then called Fakoshima™, the brand rebranded and themselves as FakByFak in 2016. Shortly after, the global fashion press, celebrities and buyers alike, became enamoured with the brand. A slew of fashion collaborations with designers such as Manish Arora and avant-garde Belgian designer Walter van Beirendonck followed.

FakByFak Concept Sunnies Toy Glasses

Their tagline “Buy Design Not a Label”, is literally the core philosophy on which they operate. Let me tell you, you seriously haven’t seen eyewear and sunnies like these elsewhere. If you think Gentle Monster or Le Specs has got some pretty “out-there” styles when it comes to sunnies, they’ve seriously got nothing on FakByFak. From quirky and futuristic, to  cutting-edge and the comical, FakByFak has certainly done it all, and then some. And if you’re thinking there’s a singular brainchild behind the brand, there isn’t, because they constantly collaborate with many.

FakByFak Concept Eyewear Sunnies Sunglasses

 We have got to expand further and reinvent the brand over again to stay edgy and maintain the idea of unexpected. We have broken away from the sterile stylization and the vision of a single designer. This way we managed to bring diversity to our ideas and go beyond our own limitations only to find fresh vision for the overall concept. Now we cooperate with many talents who cultivate non-mainstream ideas and kept the sense of exposed nerve. We realize that the old name does not offer enough space for our visionary ideas and intentions. It was time to move on. We are able to create something more than just an eyewear brand but a trend and even a subculture.

Because of this, they are able to constantly come up with fresh designs which, frankly, seem a little too “unwearable” at times. But, unwearable or not, these designs certainly keep the conversation going.

Check out some of the latest styles that are currently available below:

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