Chanel's Handbag Raincoat
4 April 2018

Chanel’s Handbag Raincoat

The Birkin comes with its own rain jacket. Now how about a Chanel one, that’s sold separately?

Yup, you read that right. Fashion Meister Karl Lagerfeld has come up with the brilliant idea of a raincoat for your Chanel bag. While the Birkin’s rain jacket looks like a simple matte plastic sheet that you put over your Holy Grail bag, that well, you can honestly DIY with those frosted plastic sheets you use for wrapping up your books, the Chanel version is #nextlevel.

Chanel Handbag Raincoat SS18

As you can see, this was made to look like a Chanel jacket of sorts, with its printed-on quilting, CC logos, and camellias on the PVC with contrast-coloured grosgrain trims, and studs down the middle that are actually made to look as if they’re buttons. It’s great for your Chanel bag, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry about it, because with this handbag raincoat’s flared-out sides, it fits almost any bag that has a top handle, or shoulder straps. All you have to do is just slide the straps and/or handle through the top from underneath and you’re good to go! In fact, I know some peeps who have already purchased this for their Birkin, Kelly, or any other Hermès equivalent (*gasp* ..say what?!?) because it’s so much chicer than the rain jacket that comes with the H bags.

Chanel SS18 Handbag Raincoat

If you’re wondering what my stand is on this, I’m actually seriously considering forking out MYR 2,560 on one of these because I’m actually one of those crazy bag ladies who carries an eco bag with me in my handbag, just in case it rains. No, this isn’t a belated April Fool’s joke, because I’m totally serious, and my friends can certainly attest to this.

Once, I was having coffee with my girlfriends, and when we decided to leave, I noticed it was raining. All we had to do was just cross the street to head to our dinner venue, but I insisted I couldn’t go because it was one of those few days that I’d forgotten to bring my eco bag with me in my bag. Yep, I wasn’t afraid of getting drenched, but I was terrified at the fate my bag would’ve suffered if I’d actually crossed the road. As luck would have it, I spotted a 7-Eleven store 2 doors away. I told my friends to wait for a bit, as I walked into the store to buy a tube of candy (which I don’t even eat anyway) just so I could get a plastic bag, and I told them to give me their largest-sized one with my purchase. I emerged triumphantly from 7-Eleven with a huge smile on my face, and handbag nicely bagged in said plastic bag. My friends were dumbfounded, but hey, #priorities XD. Thank goodness I was this committed to getting a plastic bag, because surprise surprise, they decided to have dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant. The rain was definitely the silver lining because if it weren’t for the rain, my bag would’ve smelled like barbecue after – yes, despite their poking fun at me, I kept my bag safely wrapped in plastic during dinner.


Images via Chanel and Vogue Runway