Bottega Veneta's Mini Coin Purse
2 January 2018

Bottega Veneta’s Mini Coin Purse

Bag charms have been one of THE biggest trends for a while now. But, just like the decorative bag straps trend, it doesn’t seem as if it’s slowing down. In fact, it’s becoming even more popular than ever before, thanks to our obsession with personalisation.. Gone are the days where bag charms used to look like dainty charms similar to those you’d usually find dangling from a charm bracelet. Whether high street or designer, most retailers and brands have their very own version of a pom-pom, character, animal, monster, and what-have-you, in every imaginable shape, colour, and size. More often than not, these come with a keyring attached, thus serving a dual purpose. But what about a bag charm that has a third purpose?

Cue this mini intrecciato coin purse cum bag charm and key fob by Bottega Veneta, which can be clipped onto your favourite bag, providing you easy access to your coins. Fashionable, yet functional at the same time! *gasp* yep, I know, I know … “functional” is usually a taboo word in fashion parlance, because it usually means “basic”, a.k.a. “snooze fest”, but in this case, practicality triumphs because it doesn’t just look classy, but it also gives your favourite bag a nice pop of colour! Okay, I admit that I’m also drawn to this because of its sweet pink hue, but hey, whether pink or not, being a 3-in-1, it still hits all the right spots, no? 😉

Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta