Anya Hindmarch's "Circle" Bag Strap
7 September 2017

Anya Hindmarch’s “Circle” Bag Strap

It has been quite a while since I’ve last written about bag straps, and I’m wondering why that is. Perhaps it’s because after Fendi kickstarted the trend with the Strap You, virtually every luxury brand started having their very own decorative bag straps, and that left me quite jaded. In fact, to date, the only bag straps I’ve ever really liked, are the Karlito ones (because who doesn’t love Karl(ito) ?) and Prada’s bejewelled floral Saffiano straps. Fast forward one year later, and here I am, writing about bag straps, because I actually found another worth writing about: the new Circle strap by Anya Hindmarch!

Okay, so it’s really a no-brainer why this is called the “Circle” but what I really love about this is not just the gradient effect (yes, I’m a sucker for most things ombré), but also the seemingly flat but at the same time three-dimensional circle motif! And what’s most darling of them all, is their elegantly knotted ends that are sewn into place, against that matte brushed gold hardware! Whoops, okay I think I’ve pretty much mentioned every single thing about the strap, so I guess there’s literally nothing about these straps that I don’t like, especially in both the pink and turquoise colourways!

Images via Anya Hindmarch