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Labels , Love It or Hate It: Marsèll Spotted Ruched Loafer

Love It or Hate It: Marsèll Spotted Ruched Loafer

I was happily browsing for loafers during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale a week ago, and I came across this, uhm, well, horrific pair of shoes, that I wouldn't even consider as anything remotely close to resembling a loafer. And, because of this, I decided that this would make a good feature for this week's edition of Toosday Shoesday cum Love It or Hate It post. Okay, sure, they may be made of leather and those circular rubber patches on the soles may match the blue polka dot motif on the shoe, but I mean, this pair of shoes look like a combination of clown shoes and the shoe covers typically worn with scrubs in the hospital, especially in operating theatres and Intensive Care Units, don't you think? And at over USD1,100 for a pair, I mean, heck, I wouldn't even be caught dead in these if you paid me that much to wear them. BUT, if doctors were to replace their usual shoe covers with these, then I guess that makes it kindaaaa okay because it does have that look. I guess it all depends on context.


While we're on the subject of context, let me just take this out of context and quote a line from TLC's song,  No Scrubs (which of course isn't about any hospital uniforms) and end with this: "No I don't want no scrubs"