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Loewe Barcelona Dots Bag

Ever since I saw this polka-dotted Loewe Barcelona "Dots" Bag on the Fall/Winter 17 runway back in February , I couldn't wait for it to drop in stores. And now, it has finally landed! I've always liked the Barcelona bag because of that triangular detail which reminds me of a guitar pick somehow. I've also always been a major fan of the bi-coloured versions, but this polka dotted leather and suede one really takes the cake because I'm quirky like that. At the same time,  I realise that this might not be appealing to all of you because there's also a chance that you'd find this a tad too "busy", "loud" or "quirky" for you. For me, however, the more I stare at this baby, the more it grows on me, and the more I'm actually smitten by it! I guess the only thing I can say about this is that, I've gone dotty for this beauty! Can't wait to head to the store this week to see the actual piece, so in the meantime, be still my heart.

Image courtesy of Loewe