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Labels , , How About a US$100,000 Louis Vuitton Commode That Actually Works?

How About a US$100,000 Louis Vuitton Commode That Actually Works?

Since it's Monday, and I imagine most of us may be experiencing the Monday Blues, here's something quite unconventional, for your reading pleasure/entertainment to brighten up your day!

While artist Tom Sachs made a urinal and a toilet bowl out of Prada packaging,  artist Illma Gore went to the extreme and instead made an actual commode that actually works, and covered it in the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram. Mind you, though, the artist worked on this for 3 months, and this is made out of 24 actual Vuitton bags, including a $3,000 suitcase - all of which were sourced from Tradesy, and taken apart to make this, well, "throne". Although artists like Marcel Duchamp has been doing similar installations since 1917, simply for the "shock value", this is really #nextlevel because, guess what -- it costs a whopping US$100,000, and is, very aptly called, Loo-is Vuitton Toilet by Tradesy x Illma Gore. 

Ah, such is our culture's obsession with designer logos and monograms...

Image via @Illmagore