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Labels , , Louis Vuitton Flamingo Twist Bag

Louis Vuitton Flamingo Twist Bag

For those of you who are already following me on Instagram, you'd probably immediately already know why I picked this bag, so no surprises here because I declare my love for flamingoes pretty explicitly over there.

I have to admit, that I've only been really lukewarm towards the Louis Vuitton Twist bag because while I do love the 3-dimensional LV logo and how the "L" turnlock magically morphs into a "V" when it's unfastened, I just somehow can't see myself with the bag because this cool clasp is also what makes the bag a little fiddly to deal with. Of course, all this logic and common sense got thrown out the window when Vuitton decided to put this little pink feathered friend, complete with micro sequins, onto the bag. Heh. Now, I'm toying with the idea of this flamingo Twist, and whether it's worth the investment for a seasonal piece...

Image via Louis Vuitton