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Labels , , Celebrating RIMOWA's 80th Anniversary of the Iconic Aluminium Case

Celebrating RIMOWA's 80th Anniversary of the Iconic Aluminium Case

This year marks RIMOWA's 80th Anniversary of the iconic Aluminium case luggage, which (accidentally) stood the test of its durability when the RIMOWA factory went up in flames in the 1930s, and the only surviving material was their silver-grey, fire-resistant material. Due to its durability, the brand then developed the lightweight aluminium case in 1937, and by 1950, it introduced a whole new line of aluminium cases with its signature grooved structure. And this year, the brand debuted an entirely new line of the Topas groove design - another huge milestone for the iconic aluminium case.

Each RIMOWA aluminium case is even a handcrafted finish,  with a minimum of 205 individual parts and 90 work processes, and each Topas suitcase is completed in exactly 117 minutes - the epitome of German efficiency and precision, if you will.

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the RIMOWA aluminium case, personalities including Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld, award-winning director David Fincher, artist Anne Imhof, Virgil Abloh, Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing, Jolin Tsai, and Martha Stewart, to name a few, are presenting their own aluminium cases, with each telling us their story.


Dennis Meulenrboeks

Felix Goerner 

Jolin Tsa

Michael Moore

Images courtesy of RIMOWA