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Versace's Palazzo Empire Bag

I know that Versace's Palazzo Empire Bag isn't exactly a new introduction to the handbag-sphere, because we first caught wind of this bag in the House's Spring/Summer 2016 Ad campaign starring Gigi Hadid. And the reason why I haven't really written about this bag is because I'm still on the fence with this one. I have a rather lukewarm reaction towards it, neither loving it, nor hating it, because there are elements that I like, and dislike. 

What I do like about the bag, is that the Medusa is no longer in the form of gold hardware, and because of this, it feels more modern, as opposed to the usually ostentatious vibes that we're used to seeing at Versace. I do like the tri- and multi-colour versions better than the solid coloured ones, but I really am not a fan of it because it seems like it's a more structured wannabe version of the Birkin, sans padlock. And because it's what I call a "tryhard", it has lost the timeless appeal that the Birkin has. Thoughts?

Images via Versace