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Labels , , Trend Alert: Cult Gaia's Ark Basket Bag

Trend Alert: Cult Gaia's Ark Basket Bag

Let's talk about Cult Gaia's "Ark" Bag, a bag that, soon after its introduction in 2016, like its namesake label, became a bag with a cult following, and was soon sold out pretty much everywhere. The Ark singlehandedly sparked off a whole trend on its own, and  almost instantaneously, it was seen on many a fashion blogger flooding our Instagram feeds with snapshots of the bag. Other brands soon jumped on the bandwagon, and started producing their own inspired pieces that bears quite a striking resemblance to these Cult Gaia babies. But, today, let's put those others aside, and focus on the original one right here.

When it first debuted, it came only in Natural (that's that wood-like colour in the above photo), and due to its Boho Chic vibe, it was totally Coachella-ready, and a hot summer wedding favourite. The brand has since expanded its range, which includes an acrylic version that comes in a variety of colours, including marbled, glitter, and tortoiseshell, each of which, are available in 2 sizes (small and large). Yet, despite its ever-increasing popularity, I have to say that it still really isn't growing on me... What about you?

Images via Cult Gaia