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Labels , , Goyard's Latest Banniere Personalisation Print

Goyard's Latest Banniere Personalisation Print

Goyard adds a new print to its ever-expanding set of personalisation options. This year, the luxury French trunks and leather goods brand, has introduced this print that sort of looks like a ribbon in motion. Called the Banniere, which means "banner" in French, the stripes on this detail can be personalised to any colour of your choice. Whether you prefer something that matches the colours on your Goyard bag, or something that totally stands out against the classic monogram, you would be spoilt for choice! And along with the Banner, you can also add your initials to go with the banner if you want something that's even more customised. Oh, and did I mention that this print can also be added to your Goyard trunks, SLGs, suitcases, and bags, apart from the St. Louis Tote that you see right here?

Image via Goyard