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Dior A Versailles, Cote Jardins, Fine Jewellery Collection

Victoire de Castellane has introduced the second act of the Versailles high jewellery collection. This time around, inspired by the gardens of the royal palace, the jewels from this collection represent flowerbeds, groves, thickets, ornamental ponds, and statues.

 Intricate works of art in themselves, there are references to elements in the garden, that may not be obvious at first glance: petal shapes assembled into a stained-glass effect, the cut of the stones taken as representatives of the topiaries, and even the finer details like the backs of the rings sculpted in ammonite or agate as allusions to the ornamental lakes, and the use of coloured gemstones like sapphires and tourmalines to signify the movements of water.

" I wanted that, in each jewel, we rediscover the paradoxical combining of nature and culture, so characteristic of Le Nôtre's work and of the park at Versailles" 

~ Victorie de Castellane, Artistic Director, Dior Joaillerie

Images courtesy of Dior