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Dior Oblique Bags For Fall/Winter 17

I still remember these classic Dior monograms from back in the day - one of my aunts had one just like this. And then, in my preteen years, the Maison came up with several other colours. In addition to black jacquard, it was slowly being made available in dark brown, burgundy, navy, which slowly gave way to coated jacquard in pastel colours like baby blue and baby pink. 

And now, Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri has brought it all back again with the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, which is in part a blast from the past, with this vintage monogram, the Dior Oblique, along with the Bucket and Boston bag silhouettes, but this time, sans the "D" hardware where the strap merges with the bag. Yet, at the same time, Chiuri has modernised it thanks to the addition of studs, circular disc-like hardware that reminds me of epaulettes and armour, and finished off with those thick chunky shoulder straps, which add a little more edge and character to the pieces. With our culture's obsession with vintage vibes and throwbacks, I really wouldn't be surprised if Chiuri singlehandedly revives Logomania once again. 

Images courtesy of Dior