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Charlotte Olympia Vintage Telephone Bag

It's Friday, so how about adding a dose of quirk to your bag collection? Okay, so perhaps these sorta whimsical pieces aren't for everyone, but I like a little dose of fun and whimsy every now and then, and when I saw this "Dial to Accessorise" satin bag by Charlotte Olympia from the Fall 2017 collection, I just had to have it up right here on the blog, because it isn't everyday that we see pieces modelled after a vintage (and dusted with Swarovski crystals) telephone! This certainly brings back memories, and feel a wave of nostalgia because I still remember playing with these when I was a teeny toddler, because my grandmother's home had one of these (whoops, did I just give my age away? =P) Also, I like that Charlotte has something unique like this, in addition to her usual acrylic box clutches and kitty bags. If you love it too, then ring-a-ding-ding, Call Me Maybe?

Image via Charlotte Olympia