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Labels , Cartier's Latest Cactus De Cartier Collection

Cartier's Latest Cactus De Cartier Collection

In 2016, Cartier debuted the Cactus de Cartier Collection. This year, the Maison has introduced several new additions to the fine jewellery collection, and whether it's a necklace, ring, or bracelet, they all have one thing in common - a cutesy bulbous silhouette with a beaded effect that recreates the illusion of a cactus's thorny and prickly surface. Move on upwards and you'd notice that it's topped off with precious blooming flowers  of the emerald, diamond, lapis lazuli, or spinel, atop the cacti.

Because of their chunky design, they're make excellent cocktail rings, and are in themselves, statement pieces. And, as someone who prefers chunkier jewellery and accessories over the dainty variety, this is certainly right up my alley!  

Images courtesy of Cartier