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Loewe's Lollipops Capsule Collection

Since it's Monday today, I thought I'd serve up something to sweeten up your post-weekend blues - Loewe's Lollipops Capsule Collection, which kinda reminds me of Chupa Chups and Blow Pops. Personally, I didn't quite like Chupa Chups, but man, Blow Pops were just the best! I remember being all excited, and actually kept biting off the lolly's hard exterior as quickly as I could, (much to my mother's dismay of course), just so I could get to the bubblegum centre! Did you ever find yourself doing that too, when you were a kid? Anyway, you already know that I'm a fan of the whimsical and quirky variety, and I love it even more that it brings back childhood memories. :) 

The Lollipops collection consists of a wide range of handbags, small leather goods, accessories (there are lollipop earrings too!), cardigans, sweaters, and tees! While the Barcelona bag is for women, the T-Pouch (below), Vertical Tote (above) and wallets are frankly, quite unisex. Each item comes in 2 colourways - black, or white - but, though I'm not usually a fan of black bags, I find myself gravitating towards it more than the white because the red and blue lollies just pop more against it. After all, why play safe when you have such a fun print, right? 

Images courtesy of Loewe