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Burberry Beasts Collection

Burberry has hatched a new collection known as Burberry Beasts, inspired by birds, animals, and mythological creatures found in traditionally medieval English manuscripts. Regular woodland creatures like owls and porcupines, too, feature prominently in this collection.

The Burberry Beast collection is quite an extensive one, comprising handbags, leather goods, crossbody bags, and as appliqués on rucksacks and the Banner bag, mini Buckle bag, wallets, and card cases. A selection of small leather goods such as key rings  and bag charms, coin cases, pouches, are also available.

And for my male readers, you, too, are in for a treat, because there are also several items from the Beasts collection for you, which, in my opinion, can also work on a unisex level. 

I for one, am loving that 3-dimensional owl crossbody bag. Set to drop in stores beginning this week, there isn't any word yet on the prices, but it's already available on, so you can shop whatever items that aren't available in your local Burberry boutiques, and have them delivered to the store, so all you gotta do is just pick it up! ;)

Images courtesy of Burberry