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Bottega Veneta's FW17 Eyewear Collection

Bottega Veneta's FW17 Eyewear Collection for Men and Women  is made up of 3 new styles: the Sculpted Intrecciato, Intrecciato Rim (for men), and the Light Intrecciato Profile. 

First up, the Sculpted Intrecciato is the new style for women. Utilising acetate in various thicknesses, the facets create a chiaroscuro (or, "shading", in simpler terms) effects of the classic intrecciato mothf on the wire frame. 

The Light Intrecciato Profile for FW17 is a variant of the ones from the existing collection. Super lightweight, this unisex style of sunnies offer both tonal and mirrored variations, with the intrecciato bits apparent beneath the acetate layer, on both corners of the frame.

The Intrecciato Rim for men has a silhouette that, to me, is a fuses the clubmaster and the aviator styles. Made from ultra-light aluminium, and comes with the inctrecciatyo motif engraved at the end of the tips, the rims, and on the bridge itself.

Overall, I'm loving the gold and rose-gold colours of the collection. If you're not a fan of this type of shade, however, it's also available in antique brass, silver, burgundy, or more classic colours, such as blue, grey, and brown.

Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta