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The D de Dior Timepieces

Dior's Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie, Victoire de Castellane, has reinterpreted the La D de Dior timepieces collection by adding 3 new designs: The D de Dior, the D de Dior Satine, and the Mini D de Dior Wraparound. 

The D De Dior comes in three sizes (25mm, 19mm, and a mini size) on a black satin strap, with a mother of pearl dial, and diamonds on the bezel, and the "Serti Niege" with both the dial, crown, and bezel completely covered in diamonds.

Unlike its namesake, the D de Dior Satine does NOT come with a satin strap. Instead, it comes on  in slightly bigger sizes (36mm, 25mm, and mini) a smooth white gold bracelet strap, on a mother of pearl dial, and set with diamonds on the bezel and on the hour.

Lastly, my favourite of all, is the Mini D de Dior Wraparound because it comes in bright candy colours like fuchsia and orange, with a diamond crown and bezel, and a super glossy patent leather double tour strap.

Now here's the video of how they look on the wrist! ;)

Images and video courtesy of Dior