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Labels , , , Prada's Face Bag From PreFall 2017

Prada's Face Bag From PreFall 2017

Okay peeps, if you're already following me on Instagram, you'd know how much love I have for all things artsy fartsy, especially those that veer towards the modern and abstract. So, I think you probably already know what I'm going to say about this bag, by virtue of the fact that it reminds me of something from the Cubist period, similar to the artwork of Picasso. Despite not being a fan of velvet, which is what the surface of this bag is made of, this Ricamo Volto Rosa (translation: embroidered face bag in pink) is still quite a darling to me, but hey, given everything I've just said, my opinion maaaayyy be slightly biased. Oh and yes, also because there are enough pink accents on the bag which go SO well with the brushed matte gold bar and hardware, which makes it THAT much more appealing to me. MAJOR LOVE. WANT. NEED.

Image courtesy of Prada