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Introducing the Hermès Cinhetic Bag

Ever since I saw this bag come down the Spring/Summer 2017 runway, I was smitten by it. I'm not usually a fan of structured boxy styles, but somehow, I think the "H" clasp on the bag makes it superbly modern, and for me, the "font" used was a HUGE contributing factor. I kept looking out for it, but there wasn't any news going around, not even in the press kits. And now, here it is, dubbed by Hermès as their new It Bag for the Autumn/Winter 17 season! I'm sure you could imagine the joy I felt when I saw that!

Oh and what's even better? This isn't something that has to be pre-ordered like most Hermès bags, but something you can purchase immediately off the shelves from the boutique. But, do hurry nonetheless, because I'm told that only very limited quantities of this Cinhetic bag are available in store!

Images courtesy of Hermès